Samira Jalil

JALIL, Samira Abdel. Grammatical Perspectives in code-switching. ReVel – Revista Virtual de Estudos da Linguagem.Vol. 7, n. 3, 2009

ABSTRACT: This study aimed at examining the rules for code-switching, and more specifically, for intrasentential code-switching. First, a review of the literature in bilingualism and code-switching was conducted with the attempt of providing theoretical foundation for the analysis of the data set. Then,
the participants are described in the Methods section, along with an explanation of their linguistic background and the materials used for collecting the data set. Third, an analysis of the data collected is
conducted in a more detailed way so as to verify if the hypothesis that code-switching is a systematic phenomenon, governed by Poplack’s free-morpheme and equivalence constraints. Moreover, using the
data set as a reference, patterns for Portuguese/English intrasentential code-switching spots were drawn.

KEYWORDS: bilingualism; code-switching.

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