Language Development for English-Portuguese Bilingual Teachers

Uma das maiores dificuldades das escolas que desejam implantar Educação Bilíngue é a contratação de professores com conhecimentos pedagógicos e proficiência na língua. E para muitos professores que desejam ingressar em uma escola bilíngue, a falta de proficiência acaba se tornando uma grande barreira ao crescimento profissional.

Pensando nisso, um grupo de profissionais com experiência na área, em parceria com uma instituição de renome e especializada no desenvolvimento linguístico e na certificação de proficiência de professores, estabeleceu uma parceria para criar um curso inovador que, ao mesmo tempo em que desenvolve as competências linguísticas dos participantes, aborda temas de interesse ao ensino bilíngue e às metodologias do século XXI. Conheça a proposta deste curso ímpar:


Language Development for English-Portuguese Bilingual Teachers: 

Enhancing your English proficiency and linguistic repertoire for teaching bilingual education (B2 Level).


Why should you take this course?

Bilingual education is growing in Brazil, but schools struggle to find qualified and proficient teachers who know how to teach a second language for children and teenagers.

Many teachers find themselves willing to work in a bilingual or international school but lacking confidence in their proficiency as well as in their knowledge about second language teaching.

This course will build on your English proficiency at the same time that you learn about the different methodologies available to effectively teach a second language.

What will you learn?

  • You will build awareness of your linguistic skills and create a personal self-development plan to improve your own bilingualism.
  • You will learn different methodologies to teach a second language in a variety of contexts, especially in bilingual schools.
  • You will build a repertoire that will allow you to work with projects and develop specific-related vocabulary to inform your classroom practice.

How does the course work?

  • You need to devote around 12 hours per month that can be flexibly adjusted to your calendar. Most activities are asynchronous so you can perform them when you are free. There will be six hours of live, synchronous sessions per month.
  • You will have two virtual synchronous classes per month on Saturday to have a real-time interaction with your course facilitators.
  • You will have access to theoretical background to inform and sustain your practices as well as practical activities and assignments.
  • Individual or small group personal support will be given to address your questions or concerns.
  • In the end of the course you may choose to take a proficiency exam that may give you an official certificate of proficiency, highly valued by schools (Cambridge English – B2 First).
  • You will receive a certificate that will improve your curriculum, stating that you took part in the Language Development for English-Portuguese Bilingual Teachers.

Who should take this course?

  • Preschool and Primary teachers who are currently working or aiming to work in Bilingual Schools and wish to improve their linguistic skills in English.
  • English proficiency B1 level at the starting point (to be tested).

How much does it cost?

Fee R$426,00 + 16x R$482,00.



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