5 Ways to Raise a Bilingual Child When You Don’t Speak the Language

baby-language-1I always imagined my children would speak fluent Arabic, Spanish, French and English. Before having kids and up until the time they could talk, I thought this was totally realistic. Arabic they would get from their dad, a native speaker, Spanish they would learn from me, a non-native speaker but fluent, and French they would pick up from both of us parents as it used to be the language we had in common before we moved to the U.S. and my husband learned English.

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5 Ways to Raise a Bilingual Child When You Don’t Speak the Language

Stephanie Meade is the Founder of InCultureParent.com, an online magazine and community for parents raising little global citizens. She is passionate about languages (and speaks French, Spanish and Portuguese) and exploring the world around her and loves sharing that passion with her two Moroccan-American daughters. After many moves worldwide, she currently lives in Berkeley, California with her family but has indomitable wanderlust, which leaves her always imagining where she will end up next.





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