Bilingual: Life and Reality by Grosjean


Bilingual: Life and Reality by Grosjean

Do you want to know more about bilingualism? Do you want to understand what it is to live a life speaking 2 or more languages? On the other hand, you do not know or are not interested in all the technical jargons. Well, this is the perfect book for newbies in the area or people who are just curious about how a bilingual mind and behavior works. For families trying to raise bilingual children, there is also a chapter just for you.

When I started reading this book, I felt I was looking at myself in the mirror. Besides the connections that I had eating it up,  the reading is an easy breeze and gave me the perspective and examples from all over the world, even in Brazil, about bilingualism. Now, I even understand why I think and write about bilingualism in English, but in other areas of my life,  I think in Portuguese and/or Spanish.

If you have a chance, read the first chapter for free just clicking the link below. I do believe that this will not be enough and you will end up buying the book like I did. Honestly, as a passionate for bilingualism, it is a treasure to keep.


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