The Pre-Convention Institutes in the Southern Cone Tesol

Although the convention stars officially on Monday, at 10:30 a.m. (yes! In the morning!), BRAZ-TESOL Curitiba (the organizing committee), the SIGs (Special Interest Groups), and the language departments from PUCPR and Tuiuti – UTP offer you the possibility to further your professional development in your interest area.

The PCIs consist of workshops that offer hands on professional development opportunities for interested participants registered for the convention. Five Pre-Convention Institutes are going to be held on Sunday, July 17 in the afternoon at the conference (PUCPR) and you can’t miss it!

(Baixe o programa das oficinas aqui: 9SC Pre-Convention Institutes _17jul11_)

The Curitiba Chapter has a web site where we have been posting the Starry News every week, and in which you can see a nice video about “when you come to Curitiba”.

We will be making some changes in it this weekend, in order for participants to find information they cannot find in the Braz-TESOL official site yet. Please take a look at it.

If you need information about accommodations, please get in contact with Carol at Singular Turismo, they have made some agreements with some hotels.

Information regarding travel and accommodation can be found on the BRAZ-TESOL site:
Southern Cone Tesol – Curitiba-PR – julho/2011

And if you need further assistance you can address your queries to Carolina at Singular Turismo: +55 (41) 3271 1749 /


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