Apresentação sobre Educação Bilíngue no Brasil em Madri, por Norma Viscardi

Norma Viscardi, pesquisadora brasileira sobre Educação Bilíngue, divulga sua apresentação em um evento internacional na Espanha. É muito bom ver que o trabalho em nosso país está repercutindo em outros países. Parabéns e sucesso, Norma!


ICERI – International Association of Technology, Education and Development

Supported  by  Ministerio del Interior  – Spain

International  Forum 2010 – Conference  on  Education , Research and Innovation

Venue :  Meliá Castilla Convention Center

Madri , Spain

Dates : 15th, 16th and 17th of November, 2010

Site:  www.iceri2010.org

Title: The bilingual literacy road to academic success

Lecturer:  Norma Viscardi

The article will be published in the Forum ICERI  Publications 2010.

See the abstract below:

The bilingual Literacy road to academic success: a study of the “glocalized”bilingual programs that are changing the educational scenario in Brazil

Norma Viscardi – normaviscardi@gmail.com

In the past 15 years a significantly growing number of bilingual institutions have been brought into the Brazilian educational scenario, notably in the capital cities of the 26 federal states, the strongest economical and cultural centers of the country. Such private institutions have as their main educational purpose, the development of citizens aware of their important roles both in the local and global societies. Knowledge and communication as well as cultural identity and global performance are the main issues approached in these programs based on an intensive literacy instruction for the development of the speaking, reading and writing skills. By promoting more interdisciplinary teaching-learning strategies, these “new” private Brazilian bilingual school projects have been having a strong and positive effect upon the country’s private education sector, therefore somehow leading the scenario of education in Brazil to a desirable progressive turning point. The aim of this presentation is to report and discuss the practical and research-based findings as well as the pedagogical implications of this “bilingual literacy road to academic success” adopted by the bilingual schools in Brazil.

A case study of a project implemented in a bilingual school in the capital city of São Paulo ; a project entitled  A escola de Raimundo – cidadão do mundo (The school of Raimundo – a global citizen) will be presented to introduce and illustrate the linguistic and educational concepts of bilinguality , glocalized cultural identity, local language of instructions (LLI) and global language of instruction (GLI).

Keywords: Academic  and Lifelong Success,  Literacy, Bilinguality, Glocalization, Cultural Identity, Phonological Awareness, Local Language of Instruction (LLI) and Global Languages of Instruction (GLI).

For  further reading on bilingual education see  Viscardi, N.  A Intervenção psicopedagógica na instrução bilíngüe: uma ação ética de responsabilidade universal na educação do século XXI. Revista Construção Psicopedagógica, jun 2010, vol. 18, no. 16, pp 55-65- INSS 14156954. Author: HTTP://www.pepsic.bvs-psi.org.br .  Acessar periódicos, Construção Psicopedagógica – Sedes Sapientiae.


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