Mini-curso com Professor Michail Kontopodis: Vygotskij and Education: from Practice to Research and back”. de 01 a 05 de março, das 9h00-12h00, na PUC-SP


This seminar is addressed to researchers and post-graduate students of psychology and applied linguistics. It introduces the students to a series of current discussions about culture, development and education. Each day a particular notion will be introduced and discussed: mimesis, active subjectivity, material-semiotic mediation, and critical reflection and collectivity. Particular attention will be given to the work of L.S. Vygotskij. Parallels between his groundbreaking theory and other approaches such as the classic work of W. Benjamin or the recently developed actor-network theory will be explored and discussed. The seminar will have a methodological orientation i.e. theoretical positions will be discussed on the basis of concrete empirical examples and in regard to their methodological consequences. The seminar will be interactive and two films as well as a series of audio-visual and ethnographic materials will be presented and discussed. The seminar will conclude with a discussion about the relation between cultural-historical theory and educational practice.

As vagas  para o mini curso são limitadas, inscrições realizadas apenas pelo e-mail:

12/03/10 – Palestra no 6º. Fórum LACE. Realizada das 9h00 –

12h00.10/03/10. Palestra na  “Segundas do LAEL”. Realizada das 13h00 – 15h00.

O professor atenderá alunos da PUC-SP e outros pesquisadores interessados em discutir suas pesquisas em horários combinados no período da realização das atividades.

Todas as atividades são gratuitas. Ao enviar um e-mail com nome completo terão inscrição confirmada e demais informações.


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