Posters de Gêneros Narrativos

Posted by Emy Tomita

Genre Posters in English and Spanish

The posters are an important component of  Reading Workshop. During read aloud, many times I reteach my students the characteristics of different genres and what make my read aloud book part of that genre. For struggling readers, they usually do not know the characteristics and have a hard time remembering the names. When this type of situation happens, I remind them to look at my wall usually in the beginning of the school, but  by the end, they do it automatically and answer the book genre correctly. The genre posters are also important for high readers especially when trying to distinguish the difference between very similar genres such as Realistic Fiction and Historical Fiction. These are one of the hardest genres to master and many students take a while to learn and apply it correctly. Knowing genres is definitely an asset for readers’ understanding because the more they know about a genre, they will be able to do connections, make questions, visualize, infer, determine importance and synthesize. In general, visuals are very important for English Language Learners and this is one more tool that I use in my classroom to teach my students become proficient readers. For more information about the posters in English, you may go to Beth Newingham’s website ( and the ones in Spanish was created by my teaching partner Mrs. Delgado.

About Emy Tomita

I have been teaching 4th grade language arts in English and Spanish using the Reading and Writing Workshop model for the past 5 years at a public elementary school in the Houston area , TX. I am a doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction in Bilingual Education at University of Texas - Brownsville. I got a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction focused on Bilingual Education - English/Spanish from University of Houston.

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